Even I Learn

So as I’ve said above in the title, even I learn. By this I mean, it never stops. You’ll always learn such as I do. Today I’ve learned that I shouldn’t mind what you all know, but what others would like to know. This was said by someone whom has commented on my blog, and had given me feedback.

Of course I like feedback and appreciate all the comments that are given to me, but I think the more feedback I personally get, helps me grow. We can all be great people, but it’s more on finding whether we choose to take advice, or turn it away from us. I’m usually the middle man and often I tend to turn to one side, but other times I tend to turn to the other side.

This is why today, after receiving the comment, I’ve learned that the only person I have to teach, or make notice to, is myself.  We can’t all be perfect, but we can change for the better. This is my new life lesson, and I plan to remember it. I hope that you all do to.

Thank you for taking the time to read it,



Every now and then I enjoy a nice drink. However it changes from time to time on what I’d like. For an example, I was drinking some nice 25oz. Budweiser Beer. Tonight I’m going to be drinking some nice Vodka. The best part of my drinking, is since being an alcoholic runs in my family, I don’t get hang-overs. It’s nice, as long as you don’t go over board and drink to much, to often.

So that’s why I limit myself, and I’m writing this to you, to just give a little preaching. Of course, I drink usually twice a month, sometimes three times. However, anything over that would be a horrible effect. I don’t want to get wrinkles link my grandmother has, or die from liver failure. So if you’re going to drink, don’t be stupid, be smart. It’s always the best thing to do.

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Already Known

As I was thinking, I came to realize that all of you viewers probably know about everything I’m talking about. However, I’m sorry if I say something you know, but I’d prefer to inform everyone, even if they know. This is because I want to personally know that everyone knows it. I’m not sure why, but I guess it’s just the person I am.

Also, I’d love to get feedback from everyone who views this blog, and is looking at it now. Feedback will help me, accomplish my goal of helping all of you. Finally, before I go I’d just like to say how much I appreciate you viewing my blog, and I’d appreciate you a lot more if you could leave some sort of feedback.

Thanks for your support,


Always Have A Second Plan

As of today, I’ve learned to always have a second plan. You may wonder what I’m talking about, or even know what I’m talking about, but you never know what could happen. For an example; my electric had gone out today because of the weather. Of course I didn’t plan for it to go out, it was one of them random occurring events that was unexpected. However, you don’t know what you need until the time actually comes.
We had actually just bought a kerosine heater recently, which was wonderful. It actually kept our house warm at all times, and kept our heater from kicking, but their was no fuel left in it. So with no fuel in a kerosine heater, it’s not going to do much good just sitting around. So sitting in the cold at negative fifteen degrees isn’t the day I had planned.
This is why I’ve decided to always keep a few gallons, or if you live somewhere else liters of kerosine just in-case I would ever need it. It’s always best to see, then be blind. By this I mean, it’s better to be prepared then be unprepared for something that could effect a lot.

Thanks for reading, and hope you all have a wonderful day.


     After looking in on my life, I had began to realize something. Now, I don’t wanna sound like a complaining person, but I had realized that so many people judge others. Of course, I have judged someone a time or two, but I’m going into a further detail. I’m talking about how people have to put someone down just because they, for example; Went to their friends house to eat instead of the other person.
Now doesn’t that seem silly? If you want to complain, or put someone down – I’d have to say have a pretty good explanation for it. I can understand for example, if they steal off you, or kill someone.                                                                                                                                However you also have to understand – people change. After realizing their mistakes, they’ll change, but no one’s ever there to forgive them. I don’t wanna sound bias, so I’m defending both sides of the situation. Of course, without a defense innocent people would be going to prison. So, all I would have to say is maybe give that friend that you hate, another chance. Or even give a family member that has done something bad another chance. Remember, we’re all humans, and we learn from our mistakes.
However, if we aren’t given the chance to learn from the mistakes, how can we ever change? How can we ever move on?

Thanks For Reading, Sincerely, Damion

Always Winning

So after reading a few books based on the wonderful life of a mythical fiction novel, I started thinking more into it. I’m not sure if It’s just me, but it seems that every book I read, happens to always make the hero save the day. Now, after reading so many books, and watching so many movies based on the ‘hero’ winning every battle that is involved in the book/ movie, do you think it’d be nice to actually have an evil winner for once? I mean, even if they just lose for one episode, or one book, it’d still be nice to have change. I’m personally half tempted to do it myself, just for some random feeling I have that it’d sell a lot, because it would be different. I’m not sure if anyone here would agree, but all I’m saying, is it’d be nice for a change once in a while

I’m Here, & So Is My Blog!

Who I am, and why I started the Blog: Well, to start this off, I’d just like to say I myself am the average Joe. Of course, I’m sure you’d like a better description, or for me to go more in depth. I guess I can do that… Like most people out there, I’m the average working guy, working to see how far I can go with a blog. I’ve done this to see how much dedication, and potential I can put into something, and I wanna see if I give up.

So, you find this as a joke?: Not at all. In fact I’m going to be taking this serious. I want to make sure I stay updated here, and keep everyone that views the blog informed on as much as I can. I look at it of more as a part-time job, then rather a ‘joke’ or ‘hoax’, in-case anyone was wondering.

Do you work on this alone?: I do actually. However, maybe one day when their are several viewers on the blog, that I may get some help, and look for someone that could maybe work on a newer area of the blog. Of course, this is in the future, and dreaming does nothing without effort. So, I guess effort will be needed, and efforts what I’m going to give. I hope you all see my effort so far, and in the future as well.

So, do you have a plan?: As said on another page, I don’t really have a full out plan on the blog, but to work as I go, and change with suggestions. However I can tell you I was to remain as updated as possible. By this I mean, if I can post two or three times a day, I’d love to. However, one post a day will be my bare minimum. This is because, since when don’t you learn something new everyday? I’m always learning.

My Turn!: Do you have any questions to further detailing myself, my blog, and other information you could possibly think of? If so, just comment away! I’ll try my best to get back with you.

You Learn Something New Everyday… Why Not Share It, And Let Others Know?